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Welcome to the Magik Rowing Web Site.

We are proud to present the latest innovation in rowing equipment. The new MK-1 Evolution Oarlock 2008, equipped with a Shock Absorbing System (SAS).

This new oarlock is much more than an updated version of the original one.

The new product focuses on improved security when the gate is closed.  

The modified design reduces by 11mm the clearance for the wing
riggers when the tension arm is tensioned

These changes reflect the feedback received from rowers and boat builders worldwide.

Far more than a simple gadget accessory the Shock Absorbing System (SAS) is a UNIQUE and REVOLUTIONARY TOOL.

The new locking system of the MK-1 Evolution2008 stops any untimely unlocking, ensuring greater & absolute security.

The perfect stroke and technique enhancer to improve your performance, comfort and efficiency.

Advantages of using the MK-1 Evolution:


To row with the MK-1 Evolution is a fantastic feeling, experiencing no movement within the gate and a smooth and stable boat at any speed.

To race with the MK-1 Evolution is to get ahead of your competitors. With no slippage the MK One has a huge advantage at the start of the race and on every stroke around the front turn.

To learn with the MK-1 Evolution teaches the novice the right posture and position, developing confidence and learning to row quicker and better

Lighter, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing, it enhances all aspects of your boat and rowing.

To row with the MagiK gate is simply MagiK!

MK One
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