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TENSION ARM SAS (Shock Absorbing System)
Far more than a simple accessory, it is a UNIQUE and REVOLUTIONARY TOOL. Indeed it will help you improve your technique and bring you what you have been longing for : The perfect stroke and performance in comfort and efficiency. Simple in Concept, the SAS (Internationally patented) offers the rower some advantage:
The oar is held firmly in place against the seating thereby reducing the shock .This gives superior support and stability.
Immediately after 'the finish' the oar is held firmly on the MK1 seating thanks to the unique elastomer tension band. A better support when feathering and squaring This enables the rower to maintain full power for the catch and thus gain a few thousandth seconds with each stroke.

Additional benefits include:

For race starts the oar remains perfectly positioned on the MK One seating ready for immediate propulsion on GO.
It will teach the novice the right gesture in the right position, which will allow him to gain confidence and learn to row quicker and better.
Tension Arm
MK One
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